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  • Your website's password strength.
  • Is Your Admin Password Strong Enough?

    When setting up password for the website administration, would it be for you or for other users, use the Strong Password Generator:

    To verify your password’s strength, use A strength level less than "Very Strong" may become the weakest point of your website’s administration and your client’s data. We recommend that you use passwords only that have returned a "Very Strong" test result.

  • Web server administrator in front of the computer.
  • Who Is Responsible For Your Website’s Security?

    Owning a website comes with a responsibility to maintain its security. If your website is hosted by a professional web-hosting company, then you will most likely share that responsibility. Most aspects of monitoring for viruses, malware, hacking and attacks on the server(s) would be provided by the web-hosting company, but you should understand the scope and the limits of the monitoring provided. You also need to be vigilant for any signs of hacking or attempted hacking.

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