• Illustration of the web browser address bar showing a website authenticated with an SSL Certificate.
  • What is an SSL Certificate and do you need one for your website?

    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a method of encrypting data as it travels across the Internet to help prevent an unauthorized entity (hackers, criminals) from being able to read the data traffic on your website. If your website collects any sensitive information, such as payments, personal data, or even login info for blogs, you absolutely should use SSL to add an additional layer of security to protect that information. However, we recommend that all businesses get SSL Certificates for their websites primarily for the following reasons:

    Illustration for the need of SSL Certificates on all websites.
    • an SSL Certificate allows for encryption, and, thus, protection of all data transmitted through your website;
    • an SSL Certificate will authenticate your website and help you gain your Web visitors’ trust by providing a visual cue of the authentication in the form of a lock or a green address bar in the web browser;
    • SSL helps steer your Web visitors away from impostor websites because it’s very difficult for criminals to impersonate your website perfectly without a proper SSL Certificate;
    • SSL makes you compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) if you accept credit cards on your website;
    • Google likes websites that begin with https, and it’s likely that other search engines will follow suit.

    Any disadvantages of using SSL, such as the additional cost and a slightly slower website performance, are insignificant when compared to the advantages.

    How to get an SSL certificate?

    Talk to your web developer or your hosting provider. They will be able to obtain one for you and install it on your website in just few hours. If you're technically savvy, you could even obtain and install one on your own for free.

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