• Don’t lose your domain name.

    When you or your Web developer registered a domain name for your website, it was most likely for a specific period, spanning one to ten years. If you don't want your domain name to expire, you need to renew it at the end of its registration period. After the domain expiration date (and the mandatory grace and redemption periods) the domain will be released for sale to the public. Once the domain has been released, it almost always gets snatched up right away by somebody who wants to benefit from the traffic going to an already established domain. The process of winning your domain back after somebody else has legally acquired it is complicated and can be very costly. At a minimum, the domain name will be resold to you at multiple times its original renewal cost, or you will have to pay a competent legal team to reacquire it for you.

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    Here are some tips that might help avoid missing domain renewals:

    • Use only one domain registrar. This way you will only have to remember to check in one place for domains that are up for renewal.
    • Use a group e-mail address for domain-renewal notifications. Set up a group e-mail alias that forwards messages to several people in your organization. Make sure that it is a permanent e-mail address.
    • Keep your domain record up to date. The domain registrar will send you a renewal notification, but they will only reach you if your contact information is current.
    • Register for longer periods. Unless you have a temporary website for events or promos, register or renew your domain name for five or even ten years.
    • Set your domain to auto-renew. Even if you forgot to delete a domain you no longer use, it auto-renewed, it's a small amount to pay for a peace of mind.
    • Enter renewals in your calendar. Mark your calendar with the expiration dates for your domain names, and make sure they are renewed 30 days prior to their expiration. If for some reason the renewal notification doesn't reach you, your calendar will alert you to the upcoming renewals.

    How to check the accuracy of your domain name record and its expiration date?

    One word: WHOIS. When you register a domain name, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires your domain name registrar to submit your personal contact information to the WHOIS database. Once your listing appears in this online directory, it is publicly available to anyone who chooses to check domain names using the WHOIS search tool. Go to http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/

    Have you ever forgotten to renew your domain name on time? Don't feel bad, so have we, and so have some “big boys” as well:

    Check out this informative guide to choosing and registering a domain name: https://firstsiteguide.com/domain-register/

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