• “Build a Website in 3 Easy Steps!”

    Beware of quick and easy shortcuts.

    Ads promoting software and online services for building your own website in “3 Easy Steps” using ready-to-use templates and pre-programmed features target small-business owners, but they are often of limited value to them. A website is not an off-the-shelf product. Rather, it comprises multiple services, such as business development, project management, programming, graphic design, copywriting, and advertising. Hence, developing an effective business website is not that easy.

    Buy Microsoft Word to Become a Writer in Three Easy Steps! - Fake Ad

    Would you believe the above ad?
    You shouldn't.

    While many writers use Microsoft Word, the word-processing software did not give them their writing skills. It's only a tool. Their writing ability was acquired elsewhere.

    Professional websites are also often developed to present their content through templates, but that’s where the similarities end between professional and do-it-yourself websites. In the case of professional websites, templates are the result of a planning process and are designed to meet the specific needs of a the given business. In many cases, the developer may use pre-built templates for efficiency, but much time goes into customizing those templates and adding additional features that meet the needs of the specific business.

    Do-it-yourself website kits also place the content creator (you, the business) on the wrong end of the website-development process by prompting you to conform your content to the space available, as opposed to deciding on the reasons for your content and features, and only then creating a proper space for them on your website.

    Do-it-yourself websites are a great choice for personal and family websites because their cost is often very small, and you do not have to quantify the resources you spend building one, including your time. Further, such a site’s success is measured differently from that of a business website. Business owners may be better served using their time and resources to run their business and letting web professionals develop or assist in the development of a website that will actually work for their business.

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