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  • Text Matters!

    Website visitors will judge your business based on the quality of your website. Many elements make up a website, but for most sites, the written (textual) content will be the most important.

    Screenshot of a grammatical error on PayPal's website.

    A screenshot from PayPal’s website from December 13, 2014. We first noticed the grammatical error in October and sent a courtesy e-mail to PayPal. As of December 13th, the error was still there. Does the error affect your perception of PayPal? Perhaps not, because it is a known company. However, if it were a new or unknown business, might it affect how you perceive them?

    How well—or how poorly—your website’s content is written sends an instant message to the reader about the business the text represents. Your readers may not set out to be judgmental, but often their only knowledge of your business comes from the text they read on your website. Thus, the quality of your written content greatly affects their opinion of both your business and your message. At a minimum, poorly written content may tell your website visitors that you don’t care about quality or that you are sloppy. More than one or two typos or grammatical errors will most likely hurt the credibility of your business.

    Many website owners begin the website-development process by thinking about graphic design. Our advice is to start with your website’s written content. You may choose to write your own text with or without an editor, or even hire a professional writer. Either way, your website’s starting point should be its written content. Only then do you begin looking for ways to make your website visually appealing. Your website’s visual design should be merely packaging around the content. Just as with gifts, even the most elaborate packaging will never make up for a disappointing gift inside. To succeed, both the content and the packaging must be right.

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