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Illustration of WebCreate's Email Services Email is a vital business communications tool and the kind of email address you use says something about you and your business. Email addresses ending with "" or "," when used for business purposes, might not be perceived as professional. Having an email address that matches your own domain name, such as, looks professional, improves your brand recognition, increases your credibility, and makes it easier for others to remember you.

We offer email accounts with all of our web hosting plans or as a stand-alone service, providing you with a unique presence at your own domain name. Our email platform is a dependable communication solution you can rely on 24 hours a day.

Domain-Based, Custom Email Addresses

With our email system you can easily set up multiple email addresses to meet various business and customer needs with addresses such as “” or "" Custom email addresses make it easier for your customers to connect with the right department or a person in your business, and they provide you with the ability to manage incoming emails based on your custom criteria.


It is simple even for a novice hacker to steal passwords or data sent over public Wi-Fi. To prevent this, our email service allows you to send and receive emails securely over a 128-bit encrypted connection to our servers. This ensures that your credentials and content of your emails are safe when using any computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet, no matter your location or the location of your Internet connection. And we will help you configure your devices to ensure that your information stays confidential.

43% of email recipients click the spam button based on the email's from name or email address.


Our border mail servers balance email loads to allow the fastest delivery to your inbox. We use multiple outbound mail servers to ensure that your mail reaches intended recipients, and do it fast. We implement special Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL) to discard volumes of junk mail before it reaches our filtering agents.

Efficient Spam Management

Our spam filtering service saves you and your staff the annoyance and the time wasted on wading through countless junk emails. Our filtering software constantly monitors spam heuristics to update itself by automatic (Bayesian) methods and is frequently manually fine-tuned by our staff. We also incorporate anti-virus filtering to keep your systems safe from malicious emails and virus-laden attachments.


We never access your email accounts without your permission, automatically scan its content for any reason, or share with anyone your emails or email statistics.

It Is Easy To Switch To Us

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You can easily transfer your email service to us with a two-step process. We have developed a method for a quick and painless email migration that avoids interruption of your email traffic. Please contact us to learn how we can help you migrate to a better email solution for your business.

Never Change Your Email Address Again

If you use an email address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or from free email providers then you are taking risks with your emails. If your ISP goes out of business or changes names, so will your email. You can avoid those risks by tying your email address to your domain name, and not to your ISP. With your custom, domain-based email you will never have to change email addresses again.

Features of our email service:

Fast and reliable service on our redundant high-speed network.

Secure 128-bit encryption connections to our servers for sending and receiving emails.

Secure web mail interface for accessing emails usins a web browser.

Remote administration of all users via web browser.

Unlimited email forwarding addresses, known as "email aliases."

Anti-spam filtering that constantly monitors spam to update itself and anti-virus filtering.

Free, live support from our email experts who can always assist, troubleshoot, or provide a tour of the features of the email system.

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