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How it works:

Custom E-Commerce Website

  1. We Set Up Your Domain and Email. We register your primary domain name, any additional domain names, and set up your business email accounts.
  2. You Choose a Website Design. We present you with a website design that matches your vision of presenting and selling your products and services.
  3. We Set Up Payment Processing. We set up your website to start accepting credit cards and configure the site for your pricing structure, taxes, shipping, etc.
  4. We Set Up Additional Services. We implement Google Analytics and any additional, selected services, such SSL Certificate.
  5. You Provide the Content. Using the content that you provide, we populate the first few pages of your website. You will be able to add an almost unlimited number of products and pages using Content Management Tools.
  6. You Learn Content Management Tools. We train you on the Content Management System (CMS) tools you will use to manage your website and its content.
  7. We Test & Launch New Website. We test the website, make modifications as needed, and help you fine-tune the website features. Your website goes live on your command.

You will receive:

Full-Fledged E-Commerce Solution
A full-fledged e-commerce website customized to your products or services and capable of expanding along with your business. Built by pros that will be talking to you.
E-Commerce Platform
A powerful commerce platform that is highly modular and configurable to fit into the way you do business. Drupal Commerce accommodates all types of physical and non-physical items. Learn about Drupal Commerce.
Powerful Drupal Content Management System
A Content Management System that allows you to organize, manage, and publish your website content, and with an endless variety of customizations.
Brand Identity & Graphic Design
Professional graphic design for your website, fundamental brand-identity development, and royalty-free stock images for your website worth up to $500.
Smart people creating websites that work.
Free initial personal consulting with our pros. You will save money by working with experienced professionals who will know the most efficient path to an effective delivery of your project.
You will be found online.
Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools for your website. We will also assist in optimizing your site so that it can be found when people search for any content, services, or products that you offer.
Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs
Free integration of Google Analytics services into your website. The resulting data will enable you to see your site traffic and assess marketing effectiveness.
Rock-Solid Website & Data Hosting
Two free months of reliable and secure web hosting. Thereafter $20 per month. We do not require any commitments, and you may discontinue hosting of your website with us at any time.
Domain Name and DNS Services
One year free domain name registration ( on behalf of your business. Thereafter billed at current renewal price (typically $12-$15).

Real people will be assisting you with your website project.

Not an Automated Service

This is not a computer-operated service. Real people with years of Web-development experience will be talking to you and setting up your e-commerce website. It’s the real deal and a great value for your money. We profit not from the initial sale but from a successful, long-term business relationship with you. We understand the needs of today’s businesses and will always be available to assist you with future website changes and customizations as your business grows and evolves.

An affordable and professional solution to get your website up and running fast.
You Are Purchasing a Service

We can create your new Starter E-Commerce Website and have it online in as few as 18 working days. You get a professional website, domain-name services, Web hosting, business email, and a host of related services. Your new website will also be scalable and thus able to grow with your business for years to come.

You will own a perpetual license to the website and the theme, and you can even move the website to another provider if you are not satisfied with our services. You will also not be on your own with your website, because you will have our team at your disposal now and in the future. We will personally guide you through all of the setup steps.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that we can deliver a website that meets or exceeds your expectations. We guarantee that you will be delighted, or we will refund all of your money.

  • After you made a down payment on the website, we will refund your down payment if you decide that we cannot meet your needs with the websites that we have to offer.
  • We will not refund money already used to purchase services or products that you asked us to buy on your behalf, such as, domain names, additional stock photography, or third-party product/service.

You Need a Merchant Account to Accept Credit Cards

You will need a "merchant account," that is a bank account that enables you to accept credit cards for payment. The Starter E-Commerce Website is priced for PayPal as a payment processor, and thus will require you to have a business account with PayPal. PayPal's prices begin at $0 per month and vary by services. If you are not familiar PayPal accounts and the best payment method for your unique situation, we will personally guide you through the process of opening the right account. You will need one of the following PayPal accounts to work with with the existing Drupal module for processing payments through your e-commerce website:

  • PayPal Payments Standard (WPS) - Register an account
    Redirects from checkout to PayPal and includes IPN support for authorizations during checkout, prior authorization captures, authorizations plus capture during checkout ("Sale"), voids, and refunds.
  • PayPal Payments Pro (WPP) - Register an account
    Supports authorization and authorization plus capture during checkout ("Sale"). Authorization only transactions can be captured on the site or at PayPal with IPN support to mark pending authorization transactions as complete locally that were captured at PayPal.
  • PayPal Express Checkout (EC) - Register an account
    Redirects from the cart form or checkout form to PayPal for hosted checkout and payment, updating the order upon return.
  • PayPal Payments Advanced (PPA) / Payflow Link (PFL) - Register a PPA account
    Register a PFL account
    These are functionally equivalent, facilitating on-site payment via PayPal or credit card through an iframe integrated into the checkout process. The primary difference between the two is that PPA is U.S. only and uses PayPal as the merchant account provider while PFL works internationally and lets the merchant use another merchant account provider.

If you prefer, we can setup your website to use a different payment processor (may incurr additional development costs). See the additional payment systems we use for Drupal Commerce platform.

Adding Additional Features

The Drupal platform allows you to tap into nearly 20,000 modules to extend functionality on your website. You can select from any of the modules available at Drupal Module Categories. We will be glad to assist you with installing additional functionality and modules. We can also custom-build additional features to extend your website's functionality or its visual appeal with custom graphics.

Content Management System (CMS)

Your website will come with a powerful, Drupal-based Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to organize, manage, and publish your content, and with an endless variety of customizations.

Five hours of training (enough to explain everything you need to know to manage your website) Free
Online Documentation Free
Additional training support for the CMS on your website (to allow higher administration privileges, to customize user permissions, or explain advanced features) $55 per hour

For more information, go to Content Management Systems.


You are responsible for providing content for the initial eight pages in its final form. Copy writing and editorial services are not included in this service but can be provided as an additional service. Provided materials and content may not infringe on patents, trademarks, and copyrights of another party. Content to be provided in digital format via email, FTP upload, or a digital storage device. An additional service agreement may be required for content provided in non-editable format. Project will only commence upon receipt of all essential materials for the website.

We will populate the initial few pages of the Starter E-Commerce Website with the content that may include:

  • Products/Services: first few products or services for demonstration purposes
  • Text: content that fits on a letter-size page
  • Photographs
  • Illustrations
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Contact form of 20 or fewer fields

Stock Images

$350 worth of royalty-free stock images will be provided by at no cost to you. You may provide additional or preferred images or select additional stock images for the purpose of illustrating the website at the nominal cost for each image.


We will host your website on fast, reliable, and secure servers. We do not require any commitments, and you may discontinue hosting your website with us at any time. Upon full payment for the Starter E-Commerce Website you will receive two months of hosting at no cost to you. Thereafter $20 per month. We do not require any commitments, and you may discontinue hosting of your website with us at any time.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Expertly Tuned Servers
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Quadruple Redundant Network
  • Redundant Power (UPS/Diesel Generator)

Bandwidth (Data Transfer) and Data Storage

All images, video, and other content that is sent from our servers to your site visitors consumes a certain amount of bandwidth. Your website will be allocated 25 GB of storage and 10 GB of data transfer. In most cases these resources would accommodate a 100+ page website with 100,000+ visitors per months.

Domain Names

We will register one, U.S.-based top-level-domain name for one year at no cost to you. Additional domains may be registered for you at their actual cost. Domain names will be registered on your behalf, and you will be the legal owner of the domain names you register through us. You can have an unlimited number of subdomains under this service.

One U.S.-based, top-level-domain (TLD) registration on behalf of your business Free for the first year. Thereafter billed at current renewal price (typically $12-$15).
Additional domain names Billed at cost according to domain registrar’s current price

Email Services

With our email system you can easily set up multiple email addresses to meet various business and customer needs with addresses such as "" or "" You will be able to setup and use up to 30 email addresses and email aliases at no additional cost.

Google Analytics

We will integrate Google Analytics tools into your website's CMS. You are responsible for establishing your own account (free or premium) with Google Analytics and for providing the account information to To learn more, visit Google Analytics website.

Professional Support

Our support is provided by the same people who built your website. You get to speak directly with the pros who can quickly provide solutions for your website and ideas for your business.

Technical support in case of rare errors caused by us, such as server error or upgrade issues Free
First 5 hours of support and consulting Free
Additional support for development or installation of additional features $55-$95 per hour, depending on the type of development

Terms and Payment

We require a 50% down payment on the Starter E-Commerce Website development project. The remaining amount will be due upon completion of the project. Payment can be made via major credit cards or by check payable in U.S. Dollars. Refunds for a down payment on the Starter E-Commerce Website will be issued only prior to project commencement. We will request that you execute a Service Agreement for this and future projects with prior to any work being performed for you under the Starter E-Commerce Website or any other service offered by